Photos from Bob Barr-B-Q Sept 8

The Libertarian Coalition for Responsibility hosted a Bob Barr-B-Q at Greensfelder Park ... Photos

Mike Ferguson Wins Leadership Award

The Libertarian Coalition for Responsibility named Michael A. Ferguson as the winner of its 2007 Leadership Award ... Full Story

Bob Sullentrup Announces 2008 Debates Initiative

National Secretary and St. Charles County LP Central Committee chair Bob Sullentrup announced he has taken on a project to ďdo what I can to get our 2008 presidential candidate ... Full Story

What Libertarians Offer America

An Op Ed by Bob Sullentrup
Itís a pity for Missourians the Dís and Rís did not allow Libertarian candidate for US Senate, Frank Gilmour, to participate in more debates ... Full Story

St. Charles County Reaffirms Core Party Principles

The newly reorganized St. Charles County Libertarian Party Central Committee approved in September a resolution to reaffirm its commitment to freedom and responsibility ... Full Story

Barr Joins LP

Former Congressman Bob Barr, a Life Member of the Libertarian Party, was offered the position of Regional 4 Representative of the Libertarian National Committee ... Full Story

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Arnold J. Trembley
"Mock Election Tests New Voting Machines for St. Louis County"[html] - September 2005
Michael R. Pakko
"The Economics of Smoking Bans: Peering Through The Haze"[html]  [pdf] - July 2005

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