Bob Sullentrup
Libertarian Party Secretary
and you can forget
about it

Here's a quick question for you.
Bob Sullentrup

When were the minutes from the 2002 Indianapolis LP National Convention produced?  Answer: 2005.


No LNC Secretary has performed the way Bob Sullentrup has since he took over in 2004. Drafts of meetings, conference calls and conventions are always distributed within three days, 27 days ahead of schedule.

With the help of his wife Diane of 29 years, Bob:

>        Produced and donated the delegation chairs manuals (online copy)

>        Produced and donated the delegate ballot packs

>        Wrote his own software for convention credentialing, balloting and operation

>        Conceived and spearheaded the affiliate awards for state officers, boards and committee heads/directors. Verify your state's list here to ensure everyone is included.

>        Founded Rock-The-Debates to get third parties into the 2008 presidential debates (see


Why? Bob Sullentrup takes our Party's historic initiative seriously, and is committed to providing the professional, capable support he has delivered first as Missouri Chair and also as LSLA scribe.

Bob Sullentrup
is honored to be a part of the
Liberarian Party's historic mission to return Liberty to America.

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