Resolution of the St. Charles County Libertarian Party Central Committee To Reaffirm the Principle of Freedom and Responsibility

Unanimously Adopted September, 2006

Whereas, "Freedom and Responsibility" has been the first platform plank of the Libertarian Party for many years, and

Whereas, "Freedom and Responsibility" form the foundation of the social and political principles upon which the Libertarian Party's prescription for enriching the lives of Americans is based, and

Whereas, Prominent members and candidates of the Libertarian Party of Missouri have exhibited calloused disregard for responsibility, thereby harming themselves, their loved ones and the Party, to wit:

      Disregard of responsibility by a former candidate has put all third party participation in candidate debates at risk, and,

      Disregard of responsibility by Missouri Libertarian Party Executive Committee members has led to court judgments ordering the repayment of voluntarily incurred debt which by irresponsibility and inattention were left to become seriously in arrears, and,

      Disregard of responsibility by a Missouri Libertarian Party Executive Committee member had engendered a censure resolution brought in the Missouri Libertarian Party State Committee, and,

      Disregard of responsibility by a current candidate has been noted by the media and featured on the front page of a metropolitan newspaper to the Party's detriment, and

Whereas, Irresponsibility on the part of so-called Libertarian activists and candidates impedes the vital Libertarian Party message to be heard by the public, a message that if followed would enrich society by increasing prosperity, peace and justice in America;

Therefore, be it resolved,

The Libertarian Party St. Charles County Central Committee hereby:

      > Resolutely reaffirms the principle embodied in the Libertarian Party Platform, Plank I.1, "Freedom and Responsibility", and

      > Rejects, disavows and refuses to accept irresponsible behavior as a defining element of either the Libertarian Party or of its fair, honest, principled, responsible, upstanding members, and

      > Calls for the resignation and withdrawal from Party participation candidates and activists who fail to behave responsibly, particularly those identified by the egregious violations cited above.

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