St. Charles County Reaffirms Core Party Principles

September, 2006

The newly reorganized St. Charles County Libertarian Party Central Committee approved in September a resolution to reaffirm its commitment to freedom and responsibility as cornerstones of the Party. The resolution notes the national Party's very first platform plank, Freedom and Responsibility, has been in place for many years, and yet is apparently disregarded by a small number of Party candidates and activists.

"I get into debates with my father all the time who tells me 'You Libertarians are only interested in ending the Drug War'", stated county party member Drew Giesen. "Yet I know a broad application of freedom and responsibility that the Party promotes is the only thing that can save America."

Such adverse anti-Party sentiment regrettably stems from publicity from many sources including candidates like Chief Wana Dubie. Chief Dubie, born Joseph Bickell and who sports a crown of thorns adorned with a marijuana leaf tattooed on his forehead, hijacked the Party's ballot status to run for state representative in Missouri's 150th district.

Beyond eliminating marijuana prohibition, Chief Dubie uses his candidacy to advance his notion that America's maladies stem from "divisionary men" who planned around the time of the Kennedy assassination to not only destroy America, but to have the country carry out Hitler's plans of "world domination and the destruction of the human race, the seed and the planet earth."

Such sentiment also stems from the actions of the Party's gubernatorial candidate in 2004, John Swenson. Mr. Swenson adorned a Hawaiian shirt and soiled pants at the Missouri Press Club's candidate debate in Springfield putting all, not just the Libertarian Party's, participation in future debates at risk. "I walked out because he was such an embarrassment", noted 2004 LP Lieutenant Governor Candidate and debate participant Mike Ferguson.

The resolution calls for the voluntary resignation and withdrawal from Party participation these candidates as well as executive committee members whose irresponsibility has led to bankruptcies, lawsuits and failure to provide court-ordered child support. The resolution calls on the latter to concentrate on getting their own lives in order before they lend their recommendations to other Americans or to their government.

"We really hate to have to come public with our dirty laundry like this," stated newly elected St. Charles County Chair Bob Sullentrup who doubles as the Party's national Secretary, "but the fact of the matter is anyone can file to run as a Libertarian, and with us being so small responsible Party members have no means of effective quality control."

Sullentrup and the other members of the St. Charles County Libertarian Party Central Committee remain committed that it's important that the public hear the Party's message of less government and more responsibility. "These chuckleheads sabotage our hard work", Sullentrup concluded.

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