Libertarian Coalition for Responsibility Honors
Michael A. Ferguson

February, 2007

The Libertarian Coalition for Responsibility named Michael A. Ferguson as the winner of its Leadership Award for 2007.

Mr. Ferguson will receive the award Friday, May 4, 2007 at Domenico's Restaurant in Jefferson City the evening before the Missouri Libertarian Party convention. Reservations are required. RSVP to Bob Sullentrup.

Mr. Ferguson put an attractive, credible, responsible face on the Libertarian Party in 2004 in his campaign for Missouri's Lieutenant Governor seat.

In so doing, Mr. Ferguson did the following:

    Put 6000 miles on his car, a distance from New York to LA and a back
    Used all his vacation time campaigning
    Conducted over a dozen radio interviews
    Put professionally produced radio ads on the air reaching about 80% of the state
    Ran ads in seven newspapers around the state
    Erected a billboard on I-70 in KC seen by the 2 million cars that passed by during that time
    Participated in the only Lt. Governor debate in Springfield sponsored by the MO
    He managed to get the endorsement of the minority owned Missouri State Post, a first for a Missouri Libertarian Candidate
    Did all this on the $8,000 in donations he raised
    He earned the Party ballot status through 2008.

In addition, Mr. Ferguson has distinguished himself leading other projects in and out of the Party. Mr. Ferguson:

    Led the initiative to provide a web-based LP Presidential Poll in 2004
    Was appointed to Grandview's Transportation Committee in 2005. He was elected Chair in 2006 and Reelected Chair in 2007
    Worked on the Missouri State Plan for the Help America Vote Act Committee in 2003 and helped write the election reform/update plan
    Put together the 2003 "The Road to Freedom" event in Belton that featured Michael Badnarik and Gary Nolan, that ended up being broadcast on C-SPAN 7 times.
    Aiming to be elected as a member of the local Water District's Board of Directors
    Currently runs a political website at ( that features Libertarians along with high ranking Republicans and Democrats. Some mainstream media sources, including the KC Star's "Buzz Blog" permanently link to my site.

While orchestrating these efforts, Mike Ferguson has been a single dad with 100% custody of his two children.

LCR founder and national party Secretary Bob Sullentrup praised Mike Ferguson. "For all these reasons", he noted, "please help me in congratulating Michael A. Ferguson. The Party needs more Mike Fergusons."

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