Sullentrup Announces 2008 Debates Initiative

National Secretary and St. Charles County LP Central Committee chair Bob Sullentrup announced he has taken on a project to "do what I can to get our 2008 presidential candidate into the debates".

This weekend Bob will travel to New Hampshire for the Liberty Forum to encourage New Englanders to ask democrat and republican candidates when they come through the state whether they'd debate the Libertarian nominee.

"This is Richard Winger's idea, to get them on record and commit to a debate", stated Sullentrup. Winger publishes Ballot Access News, a publication that tracks third parties. With the Commission on Presidential Debates requiring debate entrants to be polling at 15%, Winger believes this tactic provides a third party's best shot for inclusion in the debates.

"The American people support open debates, and the future of our country is at stake", Sullentrup added. Sullentrup is teaming with LNC Vice-Chair Chuck Moulton in addition to Richard Winger in this effort.

"I may be tilting at windmills, but I'm willing to pay my money and take my chances", Sullentrup concluded.

For more information or to help, e-mail Bob Sullentrup.

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